Study Abroad Scholarships for International High School Students

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Studying abroad is an invaluable experience that will not only give you an academic edge over other students, but will also enrich your understanding of foreign cultures and perspectives. While many students wait until university to study abroad, there are plenty of opportunities to do so during high school. Do not let the cost of studying abroad deter you, there are many scholarship opportunities available to students that can help make it affordable. Consider the following list of scholarship and grant funds available to international high school students interested in studying in the U.S.

American Serbia and Montenegro Youth Leadership Exchange (A-SMYLE)

This one-year scholarship awarded for U.S. high school tuition for students between ages 15-17 from Serbia or Montenegro. Must pass English pre-test, English proficiency test, and three in-class essay tests before being invited to apply and interview for consideration. Find additional information at the link above and on the American Councils website at

*Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange & Study (YES)

Funded by the US Department of State, the YES program provides merit-based scholarships to high school students, ages 15-17, from countries with a strong Muslim population. Candidates will complete multiple rounds to the selection process, including an English proficiency exam, essay, application, and interviews.

*Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program

This highly competitive, merit-based scholarship is offered to high school students from Europe and Eurasia to study in the US. The rigorous application process includes three rounds of testing. Students who distinguish themselves by their ““”maturity, determination, and eagerness to share in a true exchange of cultures.”

International Student Travel Video Contest

International students from around the world can submit an original video and win up to $4,000 to apply to your US high school tuition. For complete rules and full criteria, students must register at the International Scholarships website.

Ivy Panda Video Contest

High school students from around the world are invited to get creative and submit a video to the Ivy Panda YouTube channel providing tips, tricks, opinions, and advice for other students, based on one of three given topics:

  • Life hacks for increasing study motivation
  • Recommendations for balancing life and studies
  • Tips for domestic and international students to overcome homesickness 

For every 1,000 views of your video, Ivy Panda will plant a tree. Winner with the most views receives $1,000; second place wins $500.

“Go Ennounce Yourself” Monthly Scholarships

Add your bio to their site and update it each month to show your school progress. Post pictures of your volunteer activities, test grades, essays, or projects, to be considered for the $500 monthly scholarship.

*Scholarship sites with unsecured access.

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